50 Years

Of Progress in learning


50.000 graduates

20.000 aircraft engineers


Where we are

We are a leading aviation training since 1969

Being the first aviation School to be founded in Greece back in 1969, we pride for our pioneering initiatives that have shaped aviation studies in Greece.

Our Courses are of high standard requirement classes under the supervision of qualified aviation experts who are offering accredited knowledge to enhance trainees skills of a vast area of learning and/or training in a rigorous standard based discipline.

These core courses vary broadly in terms of length, size, content and duration and may be offered either in class or via e-learning basis and as courses on demand as well.

Our International Aviation Academy studies concerns of many aspects, such as of flight including design projects, maintenance and use of aircraft. Many aviation courses deal with heavier-than-air aircraft, but there is also the study of lighter-than-air aircraft, such as blimps

ΩMEGA International Aviation Academy was founded in order to provide high-level training, consultancy, auditing, software and recruitment solutions to the aviation industry worldwide as a global provider of training and technology for the Aviation Industry.


Based in Piraeus, the biggest first harbor in Greece, ΩMEGA International Aviation Academy has focused on courses, concerning the aircraft maintenance engineering, as well as cabin crew, newly updated modules, and customized training programs according to the individual client demanding needs and requirements.

Thanks to its harbor vast HQ location and expanded Laboratories and Technical Facilities, ΩMEGA International Aviation Academy is able to meet the current demands of the International Aviation Industry and to play a critical scope, as one of the most recognized educator and motivator for a wide range of customers across the Middle, and the Far East. 

Last, but not least, ΩMEGA International Aviation Academy creativity and innovation are the two main pillars offering all training strictly following all required regulations by the International Aviation Organizations regarding the technical and the management personnel, including Certifying Staff, Engineers, Planners, Quality/Safety staff, Component Maintenance Staff, Mechanics, Logistics/Store Staff, and the relevant Managers of Air And Aviation Industry. 

The training programs can be adapted individually to meet the clients’ specific needs and requirements, in class, on line and/ or on demand.

ΩMEGA International Aviation Academy was founded to increase the skilled man power in the international aviation market, working both on ground and in the air, within boundaries or abroad upon request and according to a reciprocal, fruitful and mutually signed agreement of special clauses.