Air Transport Management - Ωmega Aviation Academy
Air Transfer  has been evolved in the most popular kind of  Transportation. As a consequence, the need for specialized employees, in the companies involved in Air Transport Industry, is constantly increasing, in order to become sufficiently competent and satisfactory. The skills that an air transport specialist needs to have gained competent awareness
  • In monitoring and implementing rules and regulations of air transportation , and to be constantly informed about the cargo transportation procedures.
  • In coordinating and monitoring the flights schedule
  • He has to be fully informed about pricing policy, sales and special achievements  competitive airlines.
  • He has to be able to provide exceptional  services to  V.I.P. (Very Important Person), in order for the company to increase the sales and publicity.
  • In having the capability to provide airport support services. (Ground operation, passenger handling).
  • In providing  administrative services to the company διοικητικής υποστήριξης (Administration department).