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Examinations and related services.

The following regulations refer to the general framework underlying the examinations administration and the related services offered by the Ωmega Aviation Academy Center for Examinations and Certifications. They are revised, as the need arises, in accordance with international trends and best practices of examinations administration, so as, to safeguard the integrity of examinations procedures and quality services.

The Ωmega Aviation Academy provides equal opportunities to everyone and prohibits any type of discrimination concerning race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or natural disability.


All those involved in the examinations (candidates, examiners, proctors, coordinators of examination centers, owners and staff of examination venues) are obliged to comply with the regulations of the examining body and the Ωmega Aviation Academy Center for Examinations and Certifications.

The Examination Timetable including the exact dates and time schedule for each Module is available for download here and it is as well regularly updated to reflect the ongoing Examination Periods.

Additional examinations may be arranged at any time if there is a substantiated request at the end of any Course scheduled.

Examinations are conducted from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm, Monday to Sunday at Ωmega Aviation Academy.

Participation in the examination procedure constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of the examinations regulations and related decisions of the examining body and of the Ωmega Aviation Academy Center for Examinations and Certifications. In the case of underage candidates, their participation in the examinations presupposes their parents’ or guardian’s full and unconditional agreement.

The examination material and its use are protected by intellectual property laws. The recording or publication of any examination material without the previous written consent of the examining body and of the Hellenic American Union is strictly prohibited.

Examinees are requested to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the examination scheduled time, while their ID documents are mandatory for the entrance and participation in the examinations.

Applications must be submitted to Ωmega Aviation Academy, either by completing the form below. And yet, said form must be sent either by Fax (30)2104121777 ) or by e-mail (contact@aviation-academy.com),  at least one (1) week prior to the examination period and all required fields have to be filled respectively.

For any assistance in filling in the Application Form, please do not hesitate to contact us at the phone: (30) 210 4122888.

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