Why study in Greece

As, an international student explains why Greece is a great destination for students. Greece is located near the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Greece is an entrance gate to the European Union centered both geographically and politically in south-eastern Europe, in the Mediterranean basin. Once a cradle of European civilization, whose ancient scholars made great advances in philosophy, medicine, mathematics and astronomy and technology, even in Air Transport techniques, Greece now maintains graduates of the country’s educational institutions who are distinguished by the high educational level that these universities provide.

Connectivity with the Past, Opportunities in the Present, Innovation for the Future equal Smart Studies.

Education and learning in ancient Greece was one of the most important processes, and one of the world’s first Lyceums or proto-Universities were established by esteemed philosophers, whose role was also that of the teacher. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, Archytas, Pythagoras, Democritus had all established their own proto-Universities, centers of inquiry, rational thought and science.

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By studying in Greece, one acquires the infrastructure needed for a successful professional career as well as the qualifications for further studies.

However, here will also be professionals and practitioners deeply involved in Alternative & Autonomous Mobility, the Shared e- learning.

For many students abroad, the preferred option is to find an apartment off campus, in order, to further connect with the community and understand their host city. As in most European countries, Greece offers a plethora of options for students such as flat shares, apartments, university dorms, studios and single rooms for rent for any taste or budget.

Apart from its rich history and tradition, Greece is a land of remarkable beauty, diverse landscapes and one of the world’s most pleasant climates with over 230 days of sunshine per year. Greece has over 1,000 islands of which 230 are inhabited, and one if the world’s longest coastlines.

Greece is a warm and welcoming country with a high level of English spoken, particularly in the cities. Tourism, shipping and services provide the majority of its Gross Domestic Product, with 23 million tourists arriving in Greece yearly to enjoy its rich historic sites, sandy beaches and cosmopolitan cities.

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