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Alumni Office. 

Alumni Office is our work Force with its graduates and therefore promote their general high position in Greek society. However, seeks more routes as it grows market share!

Mission and role:

Mission of the Alumni Office is to encourage the participation of graduates in the Academy community and the built up of their lifelong relationship. Moreover, the role of the Office is to develop and promote opportunities for its graduates, through number of activities, which coordinate the services of Alumni Association.

More specifically, the services of Alumni Office include:

  • Organization of the annual Graduation Awards Ceremony
  • Underline a network development strategy that priorities connecting activities in Greece’s interior, avoiding the “traditional ways”-centric strategy of its competitors.
  • Coordination of Alumni Association Presiding Committee
  • Organization of Career Days and promotion of CVs
  • Coordination of initiatives for voluntary offer and free books
  • Update of the Alumni records
  • Information of graduates on degree recognition issues
  • Support of alumni participation in open seminars and franchised European Training Programmes for Youth providing coverage across a range of industry sectors.

Stamatis Partsafas

graduated in 1994, from the aircraft engineering dept of our Aviation Academy and has joined the Hellenic Air Force as a Five Years Volunteer of Mandatory Service as a graduate of our Aviation Academy. He then attended the 120 Hellenic Air Force Training Division, where he worked at the General Electric J85 Engine Dept as A’ grade engineer, as part of the Engine Performer sub unit until 2001.

From 2001 to 2003, he worked as an engineer for B’-grade maintenance. In 2003, he moved to the 112th Hellenic Air Force Battle Division and joined the 356th Engine-Prop Division.

In 2006, he attained as inspector of the T56-A-7B and T56-A-15 of the C130 “Hercules” aircrafts until 2014, whereas, he finished the Ground Trainers School and became a C130 engine trainer, as well as participating in the new trainers team, with over 300 hours of teaching.

In 2014, he was moved to the State Aircraft Factory as Quality Control Inspector, at the Grade of Maintenance for the T56 engines and an assessor of the technical and press inspectors.

In 2014, he enrolled in our ΩMEGA Aviation Academy, where he attended EASA’s Part-66 Speedway. (ΩMEGA Aviation Academy is recognized Learning Organization Part 147, accredited by EASA).


Christiana Zarnescu

as a graduate from the ΩMEGA Aviation Academy in the field of Air transport Agent has worked as a CIP (“Commercially Important Person”) Lounge Agent, at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International (ATH) Schengen: airport (AIA).

“I am pleased to express my deep thanks to ΩMEGA AVIATION ACADEMY and their team, because after my graduation as Airport Ground Operations Specialist I worked at the AIA as CIP (“Commercially Important Person”) Lounge Agent” she said.


Spyros Bouhagiar

a graduate of Ωmega Aviation Academy in the Specialty ” Aircraft Component Engineer” (Engineering).

He is working in the Hellenic Air Forces, as an expert in  Helicopter Engines and Special tools for Super Puma, Bell 212 Helicopters, and AB 205 (military utility transport Agusta – Bell 205A-1 helicopters)



There were the best years



Daphne V.

Front-end Developer

The greatest place to be!


Nikolas P.

Art director

Best years of my life!




Thanks to all my teachers for their dedication and support I received throughout my studies.