Students rights and obligations​

  1. Students must complete their study obligations as indicated in the curriculum of their Program of Study.
  2. Students are required to attend courses based on the curriculum of their Program of Study.
  3. Students are required to arrive on time for their classes.
  4. Students receive awards and scholarships under the regulations of the Academy.
  5. Students may meet any member of the academic staff according to each professor’s personal schedule. The days and times are announced the beginning of each quarter. They can also meet the heads of Academy’s upon request.
  6. Students may submit applications for various issues in the Front Desk of the Academy. Requests are answered in a reasonable time, orally or in writing by the Front Desk Officer.
  7. Students participate, through their legal representatives, in the administrative activities of the Academy, and contribute to the educational processes of the Academy in general.
  8. Students must fulfill their financial obligations to the college.
  9. Students must always respect and adhere to the Codes of Ethics and Propriety.