Ωmega Aviation Academy – Ωmega Schools is the first private College founded in Greece in 1969 and through the years has obtained a long tradition of welcoming students from all parts of the world, it was chartered ΩMEGA College in honor of Knowledge and Wisdom. Ωmega is also the talisman of the Oracles, at least Athena’s Oracles. if you noticed Owl is the “emblem” of the oracles… wisdom and knowledge… which in Greek starts with Ωmega. (ΓΝΩΣΗ)!


ΩMEGA Aviation Academy has specialized in aviation maintenance training for nearly 50 years; consistently dedicated to her mission, to have shared Knowledge and Learning to the enrolled 50000 students, has proved useful to the National Economy and the Employability Enhancement Program. EEP designed to bridge the gap between skill set desired by the corporate Aviation Industry and the skill set of a maintenance engineering graduate, thus leading to internationally recognized qualifications: EASA 147 in conjunction with EASA CABIN CREW part 66. Henceforth, you may rest, assured that you will receive the highest quality services with us. As an accredited and licensed College by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs have focused on her many years of learning experience and in personal care for each one of her students


We at ΩMEGA AVIATION ACADEMY are proud to have a team of experts that are inspired by the same vision to help the coming generations of Aviation Experts grow and succeed. Everyone at ΩMEGA Training is there to help you during your training period. Your personal manager will assist you in going through the assessment process and choosing the training course according to your needs and the gained results. Ground Instructors will share their theoretical knowledge and real life experience during theory classes. Training managers will help to manage schedules and exams, and deal with all the required documents. Cabin Crew and In Flight Service instructors will teach you how to skillfully control Passenger Cabin. Always remember: everyone here is there for you!

ΩMEGA AVIATION ACADEMY Experience the new ΩMEGA Learning Culture!

Achieve a complete understanding of the aviation industry! We help you discover everything you need to know about the global types of aircraft and helicopter engines and cabin to gain insight on current and future market dynamics and drivers.


There is no comparison! No equal! There is only ΩMEGA Aviation Academy. Do you see yourself as an aircraft – helicopter maintenance engineer? Meet us in Piraeus and discover more! We are an Academy that focuses on students’ employability. Through our holistic Employability Scheme and our wide Aviation Industry network, you will attend seminars and conferences, you will receive career counselling and will explore internship and employment opportunities.

Aircraft – Helicopter maintenance engineering Hagar and Laboratories.

Everything at ΩMEGA AVIATION Hangar is designed to meet students’ needs and to create the best environment for you to begin your engineer’s career. Explore the Engineering Hagar. 700 m2 of Hagar Initio ground training facilities at the HQ in Piraeus include spacious and modern under EASA accreditation facilities.

Get started now. If not Now, when?​

The ΩMEGA Aviation Academy, for the 50th year in Her History, accompanied by her competent, and intelligent, fully qualified instructors, who guarantee the quality of Knowledge and Learning (ΓΝΩΣΗ), opens the forthcoming academic year 2018-2019, with a wide range of learning, e-learning and training programs well organized and fully equipped for maintenance engineering, cabin crew for males and females including in-flight service, ground handling operations (airport and town office), online courses, courses on demand, courses for airline staff partners, General Airlines Studies, Quality in Aviation and, in cooperation and under the consultation of the South Wales University the peak BSc (Honors) in Maintenance engineering, is currently welcoming and accepting candidates applicants. So, be the first to search Aviation industry, learn if you qualify and …Get started now. If not Now, when?


The ΩMEGA International Aviation Academy is based right in the center of the first, biggest Hellenic harbor of Piraeus, having the sea waters by the three of her directions. Piraeus is the biggest harbor in the Mediterranean basin, whereas, the Academy is twenty-five minutes far away from the capital city of the Hellenic Republic, Athens, by subway, and many more public transport means, i.e. trolleybuses and buses. Main International Airport of Athens is at 30 miles far from the Academy, and it is very comfortable and easily approached by the subway line. An ΩMEGA Aviation Academy branch office, fully facilitated and equipped according to EASA and HCAA, is located, in the second biggest City and Harbor of the Hellenic Republic, the city of the Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki (Salonica), on 116 Queen Olga’s Ave., just 15 miles far away from the Makedonia International Airport and at a distance, of only 200 meters from the long seafront of the city of Salonica and 1,2 miles from the City center.